Carpet Cleaning



Although a carpet may appear to be clean, an accumulation of allergens, skin flakes, grime, soil, pet dander and other dust particles may be concealed within carpet fibers. Such contamination leads to the deterioration of air quality, and further affects human health. With Matrix professional carpet cleaning, allergens and other pollutants are trapped to improve air quality.

The above impurities combined with day-to-day traffic serve to damage your carpet, causing a premature need for its replacement. As a result, regular carpet cleaning is imperative for the preservation of an affordable, healthy and sharp-looking carpet.

Scientists have found that through routine and high-powered vacuuming, 90-95% of unwanted particles can be removed. At Matrix Services, we employ the most effective and economic means of carpet refinement to deliver an unparalleled indoor environment.

Hard Floor



Hard floors are constructed to be resilient and long lasting, but require regular maintenance to retain their original appearance. High traffic areas are especially prone to a buildup of grime and scratches, creating an unprofessional look.

Matrix Services utilizes the appropriate cleaning equipment and techniques to remove odor and bacteria, extract unwanted particles, and preserve floor color. The methods employed include, but are not limited to buffing, waxing and polishing. Our company commits to promoting high quality care and longevity for your establishment’s floor!




Windows are the forefront of all buildings, making their clarity deliver a long lasting impression on the general public. Through periodic window cleaning, appearance will improve, while the longevity of the windows is preserved.

Windows are constantly exposed to harsh conditions including rain, temperature changes and grime. Due to the porous nature of glass, an accumulation of unwanted minerals will develop. With time, this will only cause permanent damage, and will lead to avoidable window replacement. Using advanced tools, Matrix  employs top quality techniques that maintain spotless windows safely & efficiently.

Post Construction


 Our Post construction team will arrive at your premises with all the right equipment and products needed for a post construction deep clean. We can cater to any size building and can also carryout end of lease clean when a client moves out of a rented office space. Deep cleaning service, meticulous moving clean, detail post construction cleaning, reliable and trustworthy office cleaning, home and apartment cleaning. 

Water & Fire


 Damages caused by water & fire have short and long term consequences for your business and your health. If your office or business have been affected by water, Matrix will assess and properly remediate to get your business running again ASAP.